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Satan’s Awful Idea (Free PDF Book Version)

Forgive my shameless plug, but I’d like to make my book (in PDF form) available for free.

For those who would like to think further about Satan’s fall and God’s peculiar response to the kingdom of darkness (from a distinctly Reformed perspective), I’d encourage you to consider this book.

Here are some questions that emerge and seek to be answered in this work:

What could possibly convince angels to follow Satan in his mutinous designs?  Would a mere expression of pride somehow persuade?
1 John 3:8b says, “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.”  That is an incredible statement.  What are these works?  And how did Christ destroy them?
Why is sin ironic?  Why does it purchase the opposite of what it promises?
Did Satan know that the cross would undue him?  Did he foresee its effects?
Knowing what terrible things would come to pass, why did God create the angel we now know as Satan?
When were the elect angels confirmed in holiness?

Many other questions are raised and explored.  So if your interest is at all piqued, I’d encourage you to give it a look.  Merely click the image for the PDF.  Or you can download it here.

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3GT Episode 10: Boldly Ordinary

Two main topics in this episode.  In the first segment, we ask whether Satan, when he offered the kingdoms of the world to Christ, could in fact do just that- offer the kingdoms.  Was a big fat lie?  Or was it a genuine offer?  In the second segment, we discuss the matter of the ordinary Christian life.  What shall we say about those Christians who lead a quiet life and don’t conquer nations with one hand tied behind their back?  Are they failing in some significant way?  Are they falling short of the glory of radical?

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3GT Episode 9: Trump Card

Not going to lie. We haven’t been very consistent with our release schedule. But as with all New Year’s resolutions, we’re ready to commit ourselves afresh to 2016. Two episodes a month!  Hold us to it!

In this latest episode, we chomp into MacArthur’s message on the wise men, touch upon Trump’s bold immigration proposals and explore some potentially significant changes in Barry’s life. And it’s all set to a new, jazzy groove. Listen in to hear more.

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A Critique Of Tim Keller’s Comments About Homosexuality

In full disclosure, the video I’m about to link occurred many years ago.  I believe it was 2008.  But in that video we have Tim Keller being interviewed by David Eisenbach.  In the noted section, Keller is asked a question about homosexuality.

Now what is concerning to me is not only his answer, but the apparent influence it has had on some people in my circle of acquaintance.  I’ve heard some parrot Keller on this point.  Naturally, this had led to a discussion.

In what is to follow, I’ve pasted a letter I’ve sent to one such friend.  It details my thoughts about Tim Keller’s response.  Given the importance of maintaining anonymity, I’ve changed some details and the name and have left out certain parts.

One more matter.  Tim Keller’s view of homosexuality is not in question.  He does not approve of homosexuality.  This is plain from several sources.  But if I could direct readers to merely one, I would point to his review of Matthew Vines’ book here.

With that said, here is the video.  After that, my letter.




After reflecting on the matter of Tim Keller’s answer to Professor Eisenbach further, having listened carefully to the video again, I am very concerned. There […]

Business For The Glory of God

Is God pleased with our owning things?
Is God pleased when we take materials from the earth and produce things?
Is God pleased when men employ others for work?
Is God pleased with commercial transaction?
Is God pleased with men making a profit?
Is God pleased with the idea of money?
Is God pleased with inequality of possessions?
Is God pleased with competition?
Is God pleased with borrowing and lending?

In his lecture “Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business,” Dr. Grudem answers each in the affirmative.  And he answers them, I might add, with pastoral care and biblical fidelity.  This is really helpful stuff.  If you’ve never thought through the basic tenets of capitalism, this deserves your time.  It will transform your thinking and give you a greater appreciation for the depth and relevancy of God’s Word.

Actually, the lecture listed above is the first of three related messages delivered at the 2010 Clarus Conference.  The others are equally as interesting and helpful.  Just consider their titles:

“Business Ethics: Working, Buying and Selling According to God’s Moral Standards.”

“The Bible’s Solution to World Poverty: 50 Factors within Nations that Determine their Wealth or Poverty.”

To download, go to this website.

The Incarnation: A Brief Reflection

It is worth noting how the manifold wonders of Christ’s incarnation show forth the glory of God.  By wrapping the divine in flesh, being born a mere babe in a lowly estate, the humility of Jesus is demonstrated with marvelous clarity.  Mention can likewise be made of the timing of His birth.  Rather than appearing immediately after the fall of Adam, or perhaps the flood, when the numbers of men were fewer, God waited until the earth was teeming with people, and kingdoms were established, and the armies of Satan had spread like cancer, infecting the earth most abundantly.  This was to show forth more clearly his conquering power and grace and boundless love, saving the worst in the worst possible conditions.

With the passing of ages, as well as the establishment of the Mosaic economy, Christ’s mission could be prefigured in diverse ways, perplexing and intriguing both prophets and angels.  By fulfilling the types and shadows, the light of His majesty shone with greater brightness, causing dull hearts and clouded eyes to suddenly see and praise, having experienced the joys of serendipity.  Satan’s kingdom would be shown all the more impotent and foolish as his schemes could not destroy, nor […]

D. A. Carson, Hebrews 7:12 and Christmas Trees

R.C Sproul had this to say about D.A. Carson,

“The leading and finest NT scholar on this planet is… Dr. D.A. Carson.”  (You can hear the quote here.)

These are no small words.  It is an incredible endorsement.  While my own opinion is like a fleck of sand in comparison to that of R.C. Sproul, I cannot help but agree.  Carson keeps his finger on the text of Scripture like few others.

In a recent series of lectures (the 2013 TEDS Lecture Series), Carson works his way through the book of Hebrews, hitting the high points of the epistle.  Now of particular interest, and it is that which I’d like to draw your attention, is the fourth lecture.  Dr. Carson’s handling of the seventh chapter of Hebrews will no doubt hit a reformed nerve.  His exegetical conclusions aren’t classically Reformed.  So let that be clear.  Discernment should be exercised (as always).

However, Carson here can and ought to serve as an excellent exegetical sparring partner.  Not only in general, but in particular.  Here I am thinking of those who hold certain convictions about Christmas and the regulative principle of worship.

One grouping of questions that deserves to be considered is the role of Hebrews 7:12 […]

Western Myths About Pluralism:The Real Basis of Civil Rights

“On the 30th of April, 1999, during the Nato bombing of Serbia, Vaclev Havel, Czech president/philosopher, addressed both houses of the Canadian Parliament.  And in his speech Havel shared his conviction that the greatest political challenge of the 21st century would be to get all the nation states of the world to recognize limits on their national sovereignty; that all states need to submit to the rule of international law, based on the concept of universal human rights.  At the conclusion of Havel’s speech, he said these words, ‘I have often asked myself why human beings have any rights at all.  I always come to the conclusion that human rights, human freedoms and human dignity have their deepest roots somewhere outside the perceptible world.  These values make sense only in the perspective of the infinite and the eternal.  Allow me to conclude my remarks on the state and its likely role in the future with the assertion that while the state is a human creation, human beings are the creation of God.’”

Thus begins Mr. Ramachandra’s well articulated and provocative lecture given back in 2002 at Berkeley.  If you are a fan of Ravi Zacharius and enjoy his style of speaking, […]