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The Real and Present Danger of Drift and Neglect

Neglect is not a pleasant subject, and it does not engender positive feelings within us.  Stories of the death of an elderly person who has lived, not by choice, as a virtual recluse in our neighbourhood, or the neglect of a child whose parents who are so caught up in their abuse-driven lifestyle, do not bring a smile to our face or make us laugh.  Neglect is not a good thing under any circumstances, but if it takes root in the life of the professing Christian it can have disastrous eternal consequences.

Neglect is never a sudden, cascading reality.  Invariably it always has a quiet starting point and its progression is often marked by an almost imperceptible drift into its ever increasing form.  The writer to the Hebrews calls his readers to pay much closer attention to what they have heard lest a drifting away from it lays hold of their lives.  The picture he paints is of a little rowing boat which is tied to the dock with a rope.  A failure to make sure that the mooring is tightly tied means that over time the movement of the boat on the ebb and flow of the tide begins to [...]

Ever Had One Of Those Weeks?

Ever had one of those weeks when everything you touch seems to go to dust.  Just had one, at least I hope it’s over. 

Ever been in a situation/s where you’ve been saying or writing something and the way you’ve said or written it has not reflected what’s really in your heart, and it’s come across as though you are a bit of a hard nosed, thoughtless individual.  I’ve been hitting that zone a bit for the past three or four days.

It will pass.  People do care and can read your heart, even if they don’t always tell you, it’s okay!   But how do you deal with it yourself.   How do you keep from sliding down the slippery pole of pride fuelled thinking;  ‘why bother, why not just stand back and let others get on with it, and if they don’t want to, well so be it!’