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Mum’s Dead

3pm, Monday 16th March, I was teaching a Pastoral Theology class when my mobile phone went.  It was from Heather, my wife.  I thought, ‘this is it’.   Then I heard it, “Mum’s dead”.

Heather’s mum, a sprightly 86 year old, had fallen a few weeks ago and broken her collar bone.  We had received the news as we had done so on previous occasions when she’d fallen.  It will take her a month or so to get over this, and it will be back to life as normal.  That wasn’t to be.  A bit of confusion in her thinking when she was in the hospital led to a series of MRI and CAT scans.  The outcome was simple and conclusive.  Two brain tumours.  Life expectancy – a few months.  In just over a month she had died.

Tillie, that was her name, had lived almost 87 years.  She had raised a family of four in her 30’s and 40’s, and then ran the small family business when her husband Sam had taken a heart attack in his early 50’s.  She had learned to drive in her 60’s, in her 70’s cared for her husband in declining health to his death, then moved […]

Got 5 Minutes?

Do you find history a bit boring, especially when it’s recounted online? It tends to be done on sites with numerous pages of information, much of which is barely readable because of its density, and there’s often little recognition of the fact that it’s supposed to engage the normal human being.

Here’s a website that will at least open up the world of Scottish Reformation history for you.   It’s a clear, colorful, informative, and easy to use site.  It gives a timeline for the overall period of 1580-1690  as well as timelines for each of the specific periods within that time frame, i.e. 1st Reformation, and 2nd Reformation, and the Covenanters.  You just click on the image and read about the person or the event. There is also a reading list of books on each character and event if you want to delve deeper.

As well as the historical information the site also provides information on the location of the numerous historical sites where some astonishing things happened in the lives of these brothers and sisters in the past.

Have you got five minutes?  Have a look at it –


What Has Love Got to Do With It?

When John writes, ‘Beloved, let us love one another’, what does he mean, and does it matter?  Is it not a bit liberal to be writing about love on a Reformation blog post.  Surely we are about ‘Doctrine, Truth, Discipline, Stewardship etc.’   Well, yes we are, but God says, if we don’t get what love is and do it, we are sunk, regardless of how outwardly correct we may appear to be.

What does John mean when he says, ‘Let us love one another?’   Well we need to begin with a definition of love?  We can’t take the Humpty Dumpty route who, when having a discussion with Alice about the meaning of words says, “when I use a word, it means what I choose it to mean, nothing more or nothing less.”  Love can’t be a word that we use and abuse dependent on what we want it to mean, or who we want it to influence or effect.

So what does ‘love’ mean?  Well there is a very simple and clear definition of ‘love’.  It is found in the root source of ‘love’.  Trace ‘love’ to its source, and there you will find God, for God is love.  ‘Love’ is neither an attribute […]

Are Christians bored with God?

Much has been written about the wave which has swept through the church, of a craving for well orchestrated, talent led, aesthetically pleasing worship? Some denounce it, others question it, many have tried to explain and then justify it. The fact that it has begun to creep quietly into the heartland of the reformed community begs the question ‘what lies at the root of it all?’ It’s something I have thought about throughout my ministry. The conclusion I have reached is that in essence this is an issue of ‘boredom’, boredom with God.

There are a number of factors which feed into boredom in general.  Many, because of a gluttony for self-indulgence, have developed an insatiable hunger for instant gratification.   Inevitably boredom threshold’s have been driven down. Getting what you want when you want it, always results in an increasing frequency in boredom pangs.

But what is this Christian boredom with God?  A boredom which I see as lying at the root of the ever increasing thirst for ‘humanly gratifying worship’.  What is it’s parentage? Is it a phenomenon borne of the fact that too many Christians have become laissez-faire about God’s call upon their lives?  Is it a child of ease.  Has the idea of cross bearing self-denial simply become a step […]

Is There Any Point In Trying?

God tells us that we are to discipline ourselves for godliness. We are to train ourselves to be godly. But how many of us actually take Him seriously? I mean, be honest, do you really try everyday to make serious progress in righteousness? What about ‘mortifying sin’? It’s good to hear a rousing sermon about it occasionally but as to a daily engagement, does it exist in your life? You are reading this blog, so possibly you might be one of those people who actually do it. Most of the rest of us however tend to have a ‘mend and make do’ attitude towards labouring unto godliness.

Why is that the case? I mean we have been bought out of an eternal existence, if you could call it an existence, of absolute poverty and agonising pain. How? Well it certainly wasn’t with the perishable commodities of silver and gold. Astonishingly it was through the sacrifice of death by God’s only Son, Jesus Christ. It was because He bore our sins in His body on the tree that we who were dead are now alive. We who were strangers and aliens, without hope and without God, have been adopted and are now the beloved children of […]

Hologram Faith

Doors Open Days are great for the above average sized family like ours. It’s an initiative which gives you free access into a number of fascinating buildings. Last weekend it was Edinburgh’s turn to host the event, so we made a visit to the Royal Observatory. The fact that one of our children has been granted the opportunity to take a ‘placement week’ at the Observatory was another reason for visiting.

One of the first exhibits we encountered was a hologram of the EELT (European Extremely Large Telescope). Whilst this was impressive given the sheer scale of the project, it was nonetheless a bit surreal because construction has just started in Chile and the telescope will not become operational until the mid 2020’s.

Last weekend, Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, appeared before an ‘open-mouthed’ audience at the 2014 Nantucket Project in Massachusetts.  It was quite the spectacle as he sat on a stool beside filmmaker Eugene Jarecki sharing his thoughts on the importance of public access to free information, research, and the impact of censorship on history.   But why an ‘open-mouthed’ audience? Because Assange, having sought asylum in an attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden, has been confined to […]

The Real and Present Danger of Drift and Neglect

Neglect is not a pleasant subject, and it does not engender positive feelings within us.  Stories of the death of an elderly person who has lived, not by choice, as a virtual recluse in our neighbourhood, or the neglect of a child whose parents who are so caught up in their abuse-driven lifestyle, do not bring a smile to our face or make us laugh.  Neglect is not a good thing under any circumstances, but if it takes root in the life of the professing Christian it can have disastrous eternal consequences.

Neglect is never a sudden, cascading reality.  Invariably it always has a quiet starting point and its progression is often marked by an almost imperceptible drift into its ever increasing form.  The writer to the Hebrews calls his readers to pay much closer attention to what they have heard lest a drifting away from it lays hold of their lives.  The picture he paints is of a little rowing boat which is tied to the dock with a rope.  A failure to make sure that the mooring is tightly tied means that over time the movement of the boat on the ebb and flow of the tide begins to […]

Ever Had One Of Those Weeks?

Ever had one of those weeks when everything you touch seems to go to dust.  Just had one, at least I hope it’s over. 

Ever been in a situation/s where you’ve been saying or writing something and the way you’ve said or written it has not reflected what’s really in your heart, and it’s come across as though you are a bit of a hard nosed, thoughtless individual.  I’ve been hitting that zone a bit for the past three or four days.

It will pass.  People do care and can read your heart, even if they don’t always tell you, it’s okay!   But how do you deal with it yourself.   How do you keep from sliding down the slippery pole of pride fuelled thinking;  ‘why bother, why not just stand back and let others get on with it, and if they don’t want to, well so be it!’