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16 Messages That Will Transform Your Life. (The Last 8)

Without further ado, the next eight: The Curse Motif of the Atonement, R.C. Sproul The Goodness of Sex and the Glory of God, Ben Patterson The Ironies of the Cross, D.A. Carson Can Man Live Without God, Ravi Zacharias The Holiness of God, R.C. Sproul The Triumph of the Gospel in the New Heavens and […]

Anathema (Letter 6)

(You can find the Introduction here.  Letter one here) I cannot fully express the degree of appreciation I am now feeling.  It is a rare honor for a student, even a student in residency, to be granted permission to read the Christian texts.  Thank you, Dr. Larson, for your letter of recommendation.  I am grateful […]

Anathema (Letter Five)

I can see your point and do certainly embrace it.  Yet I cannot help but think that the line that exists between unlawful belief and state sponsored “religion” could be refined, if ever so slightly, in a few specific instances. Allow a moment to illustrate. If we consider the liberalization of Christianity in the 20th […]

Anathema (Letter Four)

Prayer is a curious bug. I have been examining this phenomenon closely in patient 2H-A for days now, and while it is tempting to express confidence in my having come to a place where I understand this aspect of the delusion more greatly, I’m afraid to say that I am no better off now than […]

Anathema (Letter Two)

Here is the intro.  Letter One. ——— Letter Two I suppose there is a touch of audacity to our efforts.  Here we find ourselves, after millions of years of mind-shaping evolution, trying to alter nature.  Can we really expect to unravel the effects of such forces in just a few short months?  Indeed layer upon […]

Anathema (Letter One)

[The introduction to this series can be found here] Letter One The patient exhibits classic signs of paranoia: fear of God, belief in original sin, belief in a future judgment… But maybe the most striking conviction is the patient’s belief in a Satan figure; and here I’m not speaking merely of a medieval icon of […]


How I came into possession of the letters to follow, which are by all estimations accounts of future events, I dare not share.  Suffice it to say that certain esteemed individuals have passed them along to me, accidental though it was.  When I inquired into their origin and especially how a relic of the future […]