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Mistaken Identity

I was offended by the news today. They called me a bad name. It still hurts to even think about it. They called me a…consumer. Blech. Truth be told, there are times when the horrible name is deserved. Times when the shiny stuff of the world leads me around like the stick-held carrot it is. But […]


Recently Pastor Ken Smith addressed the Reformation Society of Pittsburgh on the topic of justification by faith alone.  As an application of this doctrine, he addressed the subject of the gospel call.  Ken graciously agreed to let us share that important portion of his address below.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want to pose a question which has troubled […]

Wintry Thanksgiving

Most artists use a white canvas, then add color.   blank You did just the opposite. blank Upon every leafless tree and forested hill, you sent from heaven above a flurry of white to paint your landscape. blank Clearly each flake was carefully directed. blank Thousands upon thousands, blasted by cold wind, speckle trunks of […]

Bold or Brazen?

When does bold faith cross the line to become brazen presumption? It is easy as Christians to lose sight of that line, especially when we or those whom we love are hurting. Humble-hearted Christians will sometimes “claim” that a disease is healed, that a relationship is restored, that a job is secure because they have […]

He Assumes You Know

One key to understanding perplexing Bible stories is to recognize that the Lord assumes his people will treasure his word greatly.  He relates to his people as though they will remember and apply the Scriptures that came in history before them. Sometimes the Bible just goes ahead and refers us immediately to the preceding Scriptures to […]